Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The power of Audience

In November I had the pleasure of working with Jeanne on the K12online Wiki Project. Working with someone who is not in your class or not in your country can be a powerful motivator.

My students scribe. A scribe is responsible to put all notes from the days class on the class blog. The student uses text, pictures and links to expand the class lesson. Here are some good Scribes from my room this year. Scribe 1, Scribe 2, Scribe 3.

Now to the title of this post. Audience. It is important that these students see that there is an audience reading their posts. I use Clustr Maps to show all the hits to the site. The only way that scribes know that they have been read is if comments are left behind. Students within my 4 classes,8-16, 8-17, 8-41, and 8-73 are pretty good at leaving comments behind to each other. To date there have been no foreign comments. I would love to see the audience from around the globe comment on these great posts instead of Blurking (reading without commenting).

Since my students are great at commenting on each others blogs I am going to make commenting on other sites part of the scribing assignment.

It will now now be a mandatory part of the scribe to comment on a different website. My scribes will be responsible for creating a link in their post that directs me to where they have left a comment. They will provide the audience for other school's scribe. Will other schools step up and be an audience for my scribes?

I will set up a Schools that Scribe list for my students to use. If you are a school that scribe and you want an audience here is your chance. Email me or better yet........ leave a comment behind on this post requesting an audience.

My students are ready ...... are yours? Ready or not here we come!
Schools that Scribe
S3 Math from Scotland

Linden Meadows 8M
Linden Meadows 8Z

PreCal 30s Danial Mac
PreCal 40S Danial Mac
APCalc Danial Mac

Want some comments. Please comment on this post. I will add you to the list!!

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