Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Unprojects are done

Finally the last unprojects are done. I am impressed with my students and their ability to communicate mathematically. I have tried to have students keep math journals and do paper based projects but these always met with groans and moans.

Giving students the power to choose the project and do what they want the "un-ness" of it produces higher quality work. Web 2.0 applications are the new playground for these students. Give them a toolbox and they will choose the tools to fill it with. Here are a few of the excellent unprojects that were turned in this time. There are more at the unprojects wiki but these are best. Please take time and comment on them at the wiki.

How about a movie that uses the Sims (eerie but the students look like their avatars!!)

Here is Danny's excellent Ratio Movie

Finally would Grade 8 boys not want to do a movie like this, potty humor, mock goofy battles and yes....... math!!


Jeopardy Game
Algebra and More

Algebra Song

Blinged up Wikis and Quizzes
Camille's Unproject
Algebra Quiz
Geometry Quiz

Jake and April
A quiz from QuizMaker Rainer and Matt

A student who had not participated much this year asked me if it was O.K. to do a Pizco unproject. I had only one responce.... it is an unproject. YES


I teach math. The subject people at parties say they hated. I hope my students enjoyed math this year!!


Mr Harrington said...

Hi Chris - Once again you and your students have shown the way to involve kids totally in their project by freeing up their creative imagination allowing them to produce something far more meaningful than we teachers could ever come up with - truly awesome work - thank you for sharing it with the world : )

Paul Harrington Cefn Fforest Primary School, Wales UK

Mr. H said...

Thanks for the comment Paul. It will be interesting to see where they go from here. I can only imagine.

It will be fun to watch.

Colleen said...

Hi Chris,
I've been watching the videos your students made - absolutely brilliant. What a great project!
I have a question about the Sims movie. Do you happen to know how the animation was done? Are animations built into The Sims or did your students have to control the motion throughout the movie? Also, is voice usually added after editing or can voice be recorded along with the video? Truly inspiring. Thank you.

Mr. H said...

Coleen thanks for the comment. i do not know how the kids did their sims video. i will ask them when I return to school in the following days. You could ask them at their youtube site.

Again Thanks for the comment