Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Collaberation is fun. You really should try it!!

Whether I am on the band wagon this year or just riding my own 2.0 wave collaboration has been the them in my math room recently. I was asked to collaborate with a group of grade 7 students in Alabama. Their teacher and I hit it off immediately and started to push the limits of our respective students. We started off using voicethread to get to know one another. We then started to do math problems together. Using Eluminate 's free V-room was a great way to share. Both rooms had access to interactive whiteboards and took time explining different ways to solve the problems.

Recently we started creating Geomonsters. One room created instructions and the other room created using the instructions provided. It was a great activity to jump into my geometry unit and to teach the importance of writing instructions. These final monsters can be seen in a series of voicethreads. ( go to voicethread and search alatoba07 or geomonsters to see them all.)

A common theme with all the collaboration days is that the kids were focused for the entire time. They were working and more importantly communicating mathematically.

Viva Collaberation. Were to go next.......? Stay tuned.


digital whiteboards fan said...

I like this concept of geo monster. Thanks.

NJTechTeacher said...

I think this is a great exercise in measuring, geometric shapes, and collaboration. Once we finish up multiplication and division of fractions, we're on to geometry. I will try this exercise between the two classes I teach. They will love it and will have to be exacting with their measurements. I also like the fact that there were some metric and standard measures in the same project. Thanks, as always, for sharing!