Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Unprojects are coming

With spring in the air, dust in our faces and hormones raging in the school this can only mean one thing. UNPROJECTS. The students will be given their tasks in a week and then have 6 weeks to complete a wiki page and then ..... whatever they want to complete the task. What is that task? They have to explain a math topic covered in school this year. Have a wiki page that explains that work in language that their parents would understand and have an"Unproject" to show their understanding of the topic.

Unprojects have been movies, songs, wiki quizes, online games and ........
Clarence just twitted about this movie

Last years sites were and Spunproject07

This years site is Drop on by and see what they are creating.


CdnMathTeacher said...

I saw that video and laughed at it when I searched YouTube for math videos. I'm so impressed that it was one of your students. I can't wait to see what your students accomplish this year!

Mr. H said...

He is not one of my students. They do however create projects like that.

Check our Danny...'s+Unproject:+Ratios