Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What is next..

New assignment for the wee lads and lasses of Sargent Park Math. I am going to get them to create a....

no wait that was in Norwegian. I will try that again

They have been doing some extensive integer training to prepare them for algebra. With this in mind they will create a GREAT BIG BOOK OF EVERYTHING that they know about Algebra. It will start out with the integers and lead into the concepts being taught before Christmas break.

Students will have to create 5 different types of poems to add to their book. I appreciated their integer stories so I am going to continue with this cross curricular side trip that I am taking. They will be free to express their knowledge in as may ways as possible.

I am also setting a few choice but keen students on an side trip to attempt to make a video like this.

Think about all the possibilities one could have with the common mistakes students have in math. Going to be a great 4 weeks. Grab on the speed is increasing.

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