Monday, January 12, 2009

Flying through January

Hi everyone. Just wanted to get some ideas out of my head. January is the coldest month in Winnipeg and a great time to make kids work even harder. They have nothing better to do right!!

All the grade 8's will be doing a video project this year. They get to choose the topic but as a team we will be pushing them to do more socially relevant topics. Here is what I have completed so far. Do you have some other topics that would stimulate conversation with 13 year olds.

2 Minutes to Make a Difference.

The school also just bought a new laptop. We are the proud parents of a new macbook. I am going to find new and interesting ways to get kids to use this tool. I am thinking live blogging of classes and using the isight camera to do some video tutoring. The LA teacher is also starting to see the power of these tools. The laptop will find a nice home with her over the upcoming months.

Eportfolios are in full production. Boy there are lots of things to do.

In math the tv station using mogulus might finally get off the ground. I just need to escape basketball season. 8 games in league, 7 tournaments on the weekends.

There is only one speed at Sargent Park go go go go go as fast as you can.

Anyone want to collaborate? I could work you in!!! Really I am not doing enough yet!

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