Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I love my students

This is too cool. I am here Windows to the World and I have a student chatting with me. This is a true story. Really it is. I am not making it up.

Student: Harbeck!
8:17 PM me: Hey
Liem: I have a really cool idea
8:18 PM me: Ok what!!
I was wondering if we compose a letter of everybodies ideas to make our community a Greener PLACE
8:19 PM theres a prize for $20,000 but i don't know this could be fun
me: Hey yeah lets do it and talk about it
8:20 PM Student: okay cool tomorrow?! in class.
8:21 PM me: Sure or before. YOu could make a blog post about it and post it. I would add it to all the other blogs. What do you think. Make a blog post and see if people want to do something!!
Student: Okay Yeah!
me: thx for learning
Student: haha, your welcome.
8:22 PM its cool, how your can take learning outside of school(:

Wow I get paid to teach these kids ;) Life is good

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Alec Couros said...

Very cool Chris ... THIS is the important stuff!