Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Help. If you have some time...

My students have finally finished their first versions of their 2 Minutes to Make a Difference movies for this year.  A change from last years movies is that we are encouraging them to solicit feedback from classmates and around the world.  It would be great if your spring included having students watch the videos and adding comments and ways in which they would make the video better.  I will include the playlist from the spmath channel on youtube.  I have also included 2 screencaptures of the rubrics we will be using to make give the final marks.

What is important is that there is a global audience for these videos.  Please when commenting leave where you are from geographically so the kids see the power of audience.

Thank you in advance

Here are all the videos up to Tuesday. These are first versions of the movies. Please use the following criteria if you are interested in leaving feedback behind:

Use the arrow on the right hand side to switch videos. Thank you for your time

Here are 2 screencaptures of the rubrics


Anonymous said...

I am a math teacher in a 7-12 grades school near Seattle. I found this site through an e-mail from Tech and Learning. I feel your passion for stopping discrimination. Your font color is too hard to read in places.

Mr. H said...

Thank you for your comment. My font is black and blue. Those are as plain as it gets. Thank you for your advise. I will see what other colours work.

Carlos said...

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John said...

Mr H, thanks for a thoughtful "2 minutes" - it's something to chew on here in Istanbul. As an ex-pat Canadian Head of Dept. at a prominent Turkish private school already showing a very decent sense of internationalism, you've given me a chance to reflect further upon how we can make our students here develop their global involvement and sense of citizenship, too. We share common goals here and I'll look forward to presenting your site and the video productions from your students. I love the project. I'm sure my guys will be moved, too. Give a warm congratulations to yourself and your kids - let them know that their efforts to inspire and inform others will have travelled into classrooms on the other side of the world by the time they read this.

Mr. H said...

John thank you for your comments. If you wish this years students are participating again. We would love an audience and perhaps a link up with your students overseas.

Thanks again email me at chris dot harbeck at gmail.com