Sunday, January 23, 2011

How about an Online Multiple Choice Experience

Here are three question that I created in a matter of minutes at a site called Flisti. It is really easy and if the embed code works pretty catchy and student friendly.

What is the area of a rectangular prism that has dimentions of 5 cm, 4 cm and 10 cm.220

A rectangular prism has dimentions of 10cm, 5cm and 3cm. What is its total surface area?

A circle has a diameter of 10 cm. What is its area?

Would you use this tool in your class?


ReadingToLearn said...

Thanks for making Flitsi known to me. That is very slick output and every ergonomic from student's perspective.

The Author said...

The program created excellent distractors too. Often, that is the real down fall of a multiple choice assessment.

Great resource. Thanks.