Tuesday, October 17, 2006

K-12 Online Excitement

Yesterday I listened to and watched David Warlick's keynote address to the K-12 Online Conference. It was great. As I write this blog entry I am listening to it again.

The video followed David around North Carolina and he talked about the ways in which information is reshaping education. David mentioned thatin the past information and curriculum was like a train track which you followed. Now education is more like sidetrips you can take away from the rails. Following the rails still is important but enhancing it with sidetrips makes education more meaningful.

Following the keynote there was a fireside chat in eluminate. Here over people collaberated talking to David and everyone else. This was such a powerfull statement for all of us participating in the K12 Online Conference. The conference will never end if we do not want it to.

We can wiki, use tapped in and blog about all the topics being offered during this conference and continue to communicate and network with each other. By the time the next conference is upon us we could still be learning and enjoying the fruits of the first conference.

Let the fun begin :-)

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