Monday, October 02, 2006

Personal Learning Networks

Once again Remote Access has made me reevaluate how I use blogs. In his latest post, Clarence Fisher Talks about PLN's. I have used and am using blogs to stimulate the student's minds and have them do meaningful assignments. I want this year to start having them see their audience and create a Personal Learning Network. I do not know how this is going start but if they all sign up to Bloglines and find one other school that is blogging about grade 8 math this will be a start.

What if they spontaneously started leaving comments behind and started conversations with other students. Homework help has no boundries. Forget the homework, how about just meeting friends or students going through the same life struggles as them.

I'll start this soon. I still am having loads of problems with Beta Blogger. Need to get all the students signed up first.

Over and out

Update...... I have started the process. Here are the instructions I left the students. Let's see where the story goes. Thanks Remote Access.

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