Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Unproject continues

Friday was the "teacher directed" part of my students UNproject. Most have completed this task. With this being the busy season at our school, sport windups, exams and life in general, I was worried that many students would give this UNproject a pass. I was mistaken. Most students have done the "mundane" parts of the project and I am looking forward to the student created part of the UNproject.

I scheduled the lab in my room to be used for the week after their math exam. I hope that the students who have not participated yet will choose to participate now. I will be fighting an uphill battle with most students feeling that the year is over since they have written their exam.....

The next experiment is how will student who are highly motivated choose to spend their time. I hope they will wander around the school grounds making movies on their phones, and cameras. I hope they create animations, I just want them to solidify their math knowledge. Perhaps even edit and add detail to the background information at their wiki.

Time moves on and I hope they continue to have fun. This is the best group of 2.0 kids I have had. Hey they are my second group. I am curious where they will go next year. I am training other teachers in the art of 2.0. I hope those teachers use it. I hope the kids continue to use it in spite of their teachers. That is next year. Need to concentrate on this year.

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