Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The last Unproject with some AWESOME Kids

This is hot off the presses. I hope for the same success as last time.

Here are the instructions for your final unproject. Pay attention to the due dates and ask questions on Tuesday.

The home wiki of this project is

Your Final Unproject

Important Dates

May 7th Unproject is Launched
May 26th Part 1 is due. (This will provide you with great material to study from for your exam)
June 14th Part 2 is due.(You will have access to the Math lab during the week of June 11th to 14th)

This unproject is part of the Term 4. It will be worth 10% of that terms mark.


Your job is to be an expert in 2 topics that we have learned this year. You will need to check your math portfolio to check the topics that we have covered.

  1. Data Managemant and Graphs

  2. Probability

  3. Square Roots

  4. Percent

  5. Ratio

  6. Proportional Reasoning

  7. Fractions (only if you did not participate in the first Unproject)

  8. Algebra

  9. Geometry

You will be responsible to create a background page that explains both of your topics. It must be dynamic and hook the audience. You may create the background information at

  • your class blogsite (just create the necessary link)

  • here at the Final Unproject

  • wikispaces (Just create the necessary link)

Your background page must include

  • all needed math information

  • pictures, graphics and other visual aides

  • links to other sites to give more information

  • One or more word problems that are solved correctly.

Your Final Unproject is your last math assignment of Grade 8. It is a celebration of what you have learned. Just like the first unproject you choose what it will be. It can be anything but you must check with me first.

Previous unprojects were

The timing of this project is to help you study for your final exam. If you choose to you can use this project as a way to study for exams.

You may work with a partner but you are both responsible for the final project. Once you have chosen a partner there is no changeing. There will be no groups of 3. Sorry.

Scoring Rubric

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