Saturday, April 28, 2007

Global Blogging

Graham has posted some interesting comments.
However, I am saying that if we truly are a global community, and if a blog can truly be an international forum (an international classroom, if you will), then participants in that community must make a conscious effort to avoid ego-centric references to their own particular culture - for a world-wide culture is what we must become. I’m not sure if most current participants in the blogosphere truly understand their role in shaping the future. It seems to me that as participants in this global forum, we are all forming the international culture that will eventually be called “school”.

Kids that have blogs whether egocentric or not are more worldly than their friends who don't blog.

Sharing cultures, different life experiences are expanding their horizons. I look at Clarence Fischer's Class way up north in Snow River. His students have a better understanding of what is happening in the world than many of my "city" kids.

Collaboration and openness will provide classes with new and valuable experiences that should if used right create powerful students with worldly experience.

As educators let's work hard to show the openness of the blogosphere and share in each others uniqueness.


Graham Wegner said...

Just to make sure that proper attribution is given, that quote is from Darren Draper's post. I don't want to claim ownership although remixing content is definitely the way we now make sense of emerging developments - and why say something when someone else already says it better!

Mr. H said...

Thanks for the correction.