Monday, April 09, 2007

Did You Know...Unproject

There is a recent "Did You Know" mashup.

Original Video created by Karl Fisch, and modified by Howie DiBlasi. -Modified for Florida Educational Technology Conference. 21st Century Learning ,Global Economics and The Information Age. Technology Information & Global information- Developed for Educational Presentations...

I like the last few minutes of this movie and for what it says about todays students.... and educators.

My recent experience with students and letting them have control over their product makes me firmly believe as I paraphrase David Warlick

Students need to be amplifiers of knowledge not mirrors reflecting back what we teach.

My Unprojecthas proven to me that students desire creative freedoms and want to use different ways to get their information across.

If you can't tell... I am still riding the wave of success of the unproject. I will do more of them in the furture!!.

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Lynne Crowe said...

May you continue to ride the wave of success of the unproject. You put a lot of work into creating interesting assignments for your students which they obviously relish. I'm really impressed with what the students came up with for their unproject and hope to copy / borrow some of your ideas for my students.
I'm looking forward to seeing more of your innovative projects in Maths.