Saturday, April 07, 2007

I Think they might be getting it

This is what the Spresent - Web Presentations "Official Spresent Blog" had to say about an Unproject. Julie and Charmaine You have uncovered some true magic with your presentation. Wait till the rest of the classes have a chance to play with this killer web app.

Have you heard about “5-50 rule” from the Daily Source Code? “In 5 years, 50% of the Web content will be created by the users of the content”.
Like YouTube did it for video.

“Education 2.0″ - could mean education content created by students, for students.

Here is a great story and example of the future: Great Unproject
“But here was the kicker for me. For months I have been trying to find an application that will duplicate much of the “button power” of powerpoint. I have had little luck. That was until Charmaine and Julie turned in their project. This was there background information. It is nothing less that …… words do not describe it.

They found an application called spresent. It is the killer application I have been looking for. Students when left on their own can create some amazing stuff. ”

Yes, it is amazing. It’s a class and a quiz in one presentation.
Check it out here

I think they "will" get it when students who use this software are beta testers!! Thanks spresent for making an application that enriches the learning of my students

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