Sunday, April 01, 2007

Hi everyone I am home!!

Phew Back form a fantastic week of vacation. Sedona was AWESOME. Jackie and I had a great time relaxing and running the trails. Well it wasn't really running because every 5 minutes you went WOW THIS PLACE IS BEAUTIFUL. I know that I will be busy over the next little while with the unproject and I created a little wiki of my vacation.

You will find some movies... imovies made on a mac then converted into something uploadable on Google video and some bubbleshares.

Ah work tomorrow... wait till the world sees a rested Harbeck!!

To top it all off I swear I say Will Richardson at the Minneapolis airport. Ah I was too shy to ask. Though the hair is a dead give away!!

Enjoy my show My Sedona Vacation.

Talk to everyone soon.

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