Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wow I have time to post

Life has been busy around here. I have officially completed all my work for my K12 Online Conference Presentation Release the Hounds.

It took a month (should have done it in the summer AARRGGG) but being the procrastinator that I am decided that the first month at school would be a better time to complete it.

It is done and I have learned new things, how to create a slidecast, how to convert slidecasts into mp4,.mov and about 4 other file formats. Hey I even dabbled in Audacity. I am a regular audio/video phile now.

I would like to thank Graham for providing feedback om my presentations, the k12online helpdesk for walking me through some encoding issues and Darren for saying nice things and nudging me to get done by the deadline. Since I am giving out thanks after thanksgiving, I would like to thank the students who created this work on their time/ Who did work that they enjoyed and did it well. For all of you who's work I did not choose to highlight. THANK YOU.

I am afraid to look at my google reader account. I am sure the numbers are too high to really read them. Most likely I will scan all of them and get back into the swing of things soon.

Life is getting back to normal. Then there is all the family and school stuff.

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