Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Manitoba Edubloggercon

Well it is finally happening. There is going to be an Edubloggercon in Manitoba this fall.... no winter. The date is Friday November 23rd. Yes that is SAG day. We are planning to have an informal meet with all who blog and want to blog.

Here is the wiki that gives more information

I hope to see you there. Already on the "I am coming list" are Clarence Fisher, Darren Kuropatwa and Myself. Join us for some libations, handshakes and ask the question "What you really exist""I thought you were just part of the internet."

It will be fun. More info to follow.



John Evans said...

Hi Chris,

I'm in. MANACE folks are wondering about a web 2.0 discussion at the Pre SAG event on Thursday night. Not certain if you have been contacted but I received an email from Reyn Redekopp with a CC from Andy about a potential round table discussion, presentation, etc.

Your thoughts?

Also will be nice to finally meet up in person.


Mr. H said...

Thanks for the comment John. I am interested in a pre Sag meet up but I am unsure as to if it meets an "edubloggercon" standard. I would really like it to be informal and outside of a school setting.

some beverages might need some medicinal help;-)

I am open to many suggestions. Lets see what happens


NJTechTeacher said...

This is off topic from this post, but I'm curious. Do you have a Smartboard or something like it in your class? I was poking around your Sargent Park blog and was curious about where the slides were created. Looking forward to Release the Hounds.


Alec Couros said...

Hey, when did Shareski achieve dual provincial citizenship? Once you let one Saskie in, you have to let us all in. :-)

Mr. H said...

Hmm I think the dual citizenship had to do with the twinning of the Trans Canada Highway. I think Dean said that he would be wearing blue and gold all day... :-D.

The more the merrier. I hope more Saskies are able to come.


Mr. H said...

Ann yes I do have a smart board and have waited a few months to figure out where to put it in my room. My dilemma is that my room is an old metal lab. It is a double classroom and this can make viewing a small board difficult. I have found a solution and am enjoying the results. It is really handy to post the class' notes up on the web.

Thanks for reading