Monday, September 17, 2007

How do you tell a teacher to Shut up!!

Listen today was my second Fosnot class on fractions and I need to shut up. I need the kids to pull the ideas out of their own thoughts instead of having me prompt and push them to the right answers. I need to relax and "let it happen."

The joy of teaching a lesson 4 times as I get to do is that by the 4th time I should have figured out all the problems and it should be a perfect lesson. As the day progressed I spoke less and less and let the kids figure out the path that we would be learning. It almost worked. Going through the last lesson the "congress" or math meeting was moving along smoothly when I needed to step in.

I pushed to hard to get where I needed to go. AARRGG . Baby steps. Next time I will hold my tongue longer and the needed result will happen.


Greg Sawatzky said...

Ok you've left me in Limbo here. How did the Math Congress go? I'm looking to start this in about a week. How the the students respond to the gallery walk?

Good on you for diving into this so quick. But really it's like a chocolate cake sitting on the counter. How can you not.

Mr. H said...

Hi Greg. Learning to be not the center of attention in the classroom is a hard transition for me. I am doing my best to be second fiddle to their knowledge. Be prepared to go slow and do it right once. Most lessons are not 1 but 2 days with overlap. i am adding extra MM strings and other assignments to fill in the time gaps. Kids seem to be getting it though. I will be done Fieldtrips in week then into the adding and subtracting.