Sunday, September 16, 2007

Fosnot Day 2

The second part of the Submarine Sandwich assignment will be having a "Math Congress". This is a math meeting where students become mathematicians and explain their work. I am looking forward to this day. It will be my job to make the class and the presenters go in the right direction. I will need to maneuver them their with a hands off approach. I need the rest of the class to push the participants to the "needed end point".

I need the class to see:
  • Fractions are division
  • the size of or amount of the whole matters
  • with unit fractions, the greater the denominator, the smaller the piece is.
  • when naming a piece, the whole matters.
I am hoping that these congresses soon will be published on the web. I will record some and create podcasts. I will also take pictures of all of their work and post them in a pictobrowser.

Day 2 is going to be great!!

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