Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fosnot Math Day 1

I was excited to start teaching fractions with context today. This is one of the goals C Fosnot has given me in my math teaching this year. We started with a problem about field trips and the students were actively participating. It is amazing when good questions are posed how entertained and enthused students are about math.

Now that they have answered the question they have to present to the class what they have learned and it is my responsibility to get the "big ideas" out of the presenters and the class. The class will have to be trained to be good listeners and the presenters will have to be trained to be good mathematicians. I am looking forward to tomorrows class and congress.


John said...

Hi Chris,

Have been following your blog posts about Fosnot Math and it certainly looks interesting. Is there a local MB rep for the product where I can learn more?


John Evans

Mr. H said...

John the local rep is from Pearson. That would be Ron Wescott. I would be glad to show you the program once I get a handle on it. What this program needs is a little 2.0. I will have my kids publish online soon. Looking forward to it.

email me if you wish. chris(dot)harbeck (at)gmail (dot)com