Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Meet the Teacher Post Party

As usual the crowd was sparse at meet the teacher. We had about 20 parents out of the 140 students that we teach. Ah well.

Ahem Ahem.... they liked my video and are enthusiastic about what the year has in store for their students. I am too. Interesting side note to the video. I chose to use 2 year old scribeposts because they showed off better in the movie. Last years scribes used so many other applications that they were to complex for the video.

Parents on board. Kids on board. Scribes start Monday.

This summer I took part in a Fosnot workshop. I blogged about it here, here and here. Tomorrow I put this work into practice. This will mean a big change for my class and for my own pedagogy. I am looking forward to this change.

Oh and this stuff that I will be teaching is so...... blogable!!!!! As JenW would say GRINS

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