Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Live from NY... no Winnipeg its Smartboard Live

I tried an experiment today. I finally got ustream to work in my class under much protest. It took forever to load and man it was making my mac mini chug like a Dell using Vista (had to say it). But it worked and wow talk about an instant remedy for kids who are absent in class.


Here is my ustream about why this is a good idea.

Now this technology will allow you to project all that you do on your interactive boards to your class blog hub for all to see. I have the luxury of having 4 classes a day taking the same thing. So you do your minilecture...lesson or what ever. Have it on the whiteboard and presto with the help of ustream you have an answer to "Mr. Harbeck what did I miss?" Now Sally did you check out the math hub and the video of todays lesson.

Using Camtwist to project ones desktop eliminates the testy subject of student identity. You will have voices but no faces. Just like an old radio drama.

I will try this again if I can get camtwist to work. It stopped working part way through the afternoon.

Next on the agenda might be Mogulus. I have a channel and will figure out how to work this app. I think it might be time for the Math Action News at 6. With your hosts Frank Fraction and Donna Decimal..... Hmmmmm


Jena said...

You have to try blogTV.com next

Ustreamtech said...

First let me welcome you to Ustream, and also say we are thrilled that the educational community has accepted Ustream for the remarkable education tool that it was originally designed to be. If anyone has questions about ustream and how to stream your event, feel free to caontact us at support@ustream.tv, ustreamtech@yahoo.com or stop by the Ustream Users Community Forum http://www.ustream.tv/channel/ustream-users-community-forum, for tips and techniques!
Also Ustream using Flash technology should never be system resource intensive, if you are experiencing those kind of issues, there are other problems, so feel free to ask us..