Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Starting out Differently

My school year is about to begin.  As usual it is a mix of handing out notes, collecting money and trying to remember 140+ names of students.  We will be blogging this year and the students google accounts will be created quickly.

I have decided to take a dive into flickr and have created an assignment to get the students thinking about digital photos.  All students have a camera or a cellphone.  I am going to assign a number in class to each student.  They will then find a representation of that number outside of the school and take a picture of it.  The student will then email the photo to flickr using our special email account. 

Each day we will tag the photos with a date tag.  I will get the school to buy a pro account so that we can start to create sets and not have limits to uploads.

It is a different way to start the year.  I think it will be a good way to introduce the power of the web to them.  Hey they all do this at facebook why not in math class.

Lets get ready to ruuummmbbllle... bring on the year.  Yeah tomorrow I tell them about the Nintendo DS's that are living in the room this year.


thekyleguy said...

You're right, they are all doing similar things on facebook. Now they can appreciate the educational context of the pictures and begin to recognize fundamental math concepts in their environments. Love this project and can't wait to hear how the take the news of having the DS's in the house.

Good luck on a new year

Mr. H said...

Thanks for the comment Kyle. It will be an interesting year.