Sunday, October 12, 2008

Delicious rocks..... and some integer work

If you ever needed a reason to use delicious this would be it. I just typed in Integers and up came 776 hits. Who ever needed google. My network and others who use delicous have done the work for me.

We are starting a unit on Integers next week. Here are some of the links I have found. The wording might look strange because it is a saved post for my students. I will use portions of this post everyday of the unit to make things more interesting in class.

If you have other must have integer lessons, games, movies or whatever please leave a comment. I will be doing this up until ..... xmas?

One thing Grade 8 students love is Integers. Those pesky positive and negative signs infront of numbers. You need to be proficient using integers before you are able to play with algebra. Here is a movie that will get you started on the Road to Algebra.

One would assume that there will be many words that are new to you. If you come accross any words that are difficult, write them down in your notebook and bring them to class the next day.

Click the image and you will be transported to the video. Take the quiz after the video. Happy Integer Day.

This is a game called Line Jumper. Answer the question on the number line. It involves integers. Good luck.

This game deals with venn diagrams. You have to place the integers in the correct spots so that everything adds up to 0. This one is tricky. Good Luck.

More interactive sites online. Here is a quiz that will help you add, subtract, multiply and divide.

Now how about some larger numbers to subtract.

Here is a movie made for a site all about number lines.

Here is a youtube video on adding and subtracting Integers

Great activity for the smartboard. Zero pairs are interactive.

Here is a quick interactive quiz.
This game is about which integer is larger or smaller. You can play it to practice you greater than or less than signs.

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