Wednesday, October 22, 2008

K12online My first Session

I am privileged to know Alec Couros. I have met him in Moosejaw and live with him in my PLN everyday in twitter. He is a fountain of knowledge and an incredible K12 educator. Unlike most of my other networked friends he teaches at a University.

What are your recolections about becoming a teacher at school. Mine are not the best. Most of my Professors in my certifiation year were old, crusty and out of touch with the youth of today (yesterday 1992 was a long time ago). To them "tech" was an overhead projector and a chalk protector. Enter Alec. Young, charming, ..... and energetic (I would add handsome but that implys ...?). Living the life of a person intouch with the youth of today. Influencing a new generation of teachers to teach using tech that kids use. Not only to use the technology but to create PLN's. Leading by example he shows his students the power of the network. He gets guest lectures to come in and teach his class.

I would if it meant that I would learn something that I wanted to learn take more post-secondary education courses. None have interested me until I started to follow Alec. He teaches courses that interest me. I want to take his course and get a degree from the University of Regina.

George Siemens has created a "Certificate in Interdisciplinary Studies: Emerging Technologies for Learning " at my local university. I like George and the message he has for educators. If this certificate offered me the needed post grad courses to change my salary it might be for me.

Alec's K12online presentation is brilliant. You have to see it and hey Alec is entertaining too. Thanks Alec for sharing your experience. I hope more post secondary people take note of what you are doing and change the way they teach their courses. It would make university more interesting.

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Alec Couros said...

Thanks for the incredibly kind words, Chris. You've been doing some amazing stuff, and without people like you in my network, I'd have absolutely nothing to bring to my students. I'm simply a skilled connector, and I'm lucky enough to be able to point my students to the great things people are doing in the field every single day, making their practice known, and teaching behind the thinnest of walls.

I am very lucky to have you in my network, and I will certainly be sending students your way (both undergrad and grad) this coming Winter semester. These students and teachers need to see what you do everyday, and they will realize that the 'hype' I give them around good practice with technology are indeed realities ... they are happening now!

And on another note, I'm extremely flattered that I've brought to your attention to the possibilities that the University can provide. I have been VERY lucky to have been given the freedom in my role to push the boundaries of what it means to be a professor. As well, I am not only blessed with an excellent extended PLN, but the people I see at work everyday support the things I do. I couldn't ask for more.

I look forward to many years ahead, working with you, creating the change we know is necessary for the future of our profession, and for the future of our students.

Take care, and all the best.