Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Some Student Integer Poems

I was surprised when the students already posted some integer poems. I asked a few kids if they would let me share them with you. They are awesome. What do you think

These are from NickyD

Adding Integers with Kitty

One day while I was walking,
As happy as could be,
I noticed a little cat,
That happened to follow me.

I asked him what his name was,
And you know what? He could talk!
He said "My name is Kitty,
And I'll teach you how to walk!"

I told him that I knew how,
And although he looked quite sad,
He then cheered up and told me,
"Then I'll teach you how to add!"

I told him that I knew how once more,
But still,he offered to help,
He then wrote on a piece of paper,
And then I gave a little yelp!

He had added two negative integers,
Right before my eyes,
I could not believe it so I asked,
"Can I give it a try?"

He handed me the paper and pen,
And I gave it my best shot,
But sadly I could not add them,
Probably because I forgot!

Kitty was quite surprised at this,
However he showed me how,
To add integers quite easily,
And I can add them now!

Subraction is Myth

Subtracting is false
Adding opposites is true
Be true and go far

Partitive division,
Now what on earth is that?
Is it some form of writing,
Or a blue and purple hat?
I for one do not know,
What this could really mean,
Although I might've guessed,
That it might be for the keen.
Of course it is a long two words,
And the first is quite confusing.
This word I believe is for those,
Who find such words amusing.
However it is not,
It is a form of math you'll see.
So now you know what partitive means,
And I hope you'll let me be!

From Giselle


Adding Integers
Adding integers,
big, great,
adding, combining, gaining,
Two numbers coming together,

Free Verse:

Subtracting Integers
In the world of integers,
subtraction does not exist.
In the world of integers,
subtraction is not missed.
When there is a subtracting sign,
I change it all the time.
Addition now,
I'm almost done.
Adding is more fun!


colleenk said...

The integer poems are absolutely wonderful. Great creativity here.
Thank you for sharing!

James said...

Fascinating. Do you do these in Math class or do you team up with the English teacher and do a combined lesson? Very cool however you do it.

Mr. H said...

Thanks Colleen and James. I am working with the La teacher and allowing the students to use these creative writing assignments to be part of her program. The students get a mark for me and for their Writers Workshop.

James it is mostly the students that do it. I dream up the projects and throw them at the students. They take them and run. Some do very little but most enjoy the process and learn even more. It is so much more fun when you learn on the web.

Thanks again for your comments. All the poetry will be posted by Saturday.

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Anonymous said...

These poems are boss!

Anonymous said...

these poems are boss!

Anonymous said...

make better poems
like for me i need one for math these all are too smart for 6th grade

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