Sunday, March 04, 2007

Every tool you could ever want!!

A while back Darren and I created a site for students to find tools to make their blogs and wikis more interesting.

We callled it studentblogwikitools. I thought we were doing a great job. It had everything a student wanted until ............

Here is a site that has everything. Thanks Lynne for finding this. This site has so many applications that at first I just sat there with my mouth open. I will never get through all of these.

Then wait. All the applications are categorized and tagged. When you click on an application another window opens and gives you more information to better inform you about if this is the application for you.

I still like studentblogwikitools because it has examples of my students work and shows how kids, students can use applications out there to make their blogs and wikis better.

Warning Go2web2.0 may be addicting. Enter with caution ;-)

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