Friday, March 02, 2007

Student-Led Conferences and Electronic Portfolios

Ok before I go any further I do not like Internet Explorer. This is the second time that it has crashed (viva Firefox) and I have had to redo this post. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

The students at my school create powerpoint presentations about thier progress during the year. They spend many classes creating these keepsakes and are very proud to show their parents at our conferences. This year we had an excellent turnout with over 80% of parents sharing thier students school experience.

I have my students create a parent quiz and have them teach their parents Grade 8 math. This is an awesome experience to see if you haven't everdone it before.

The storage of these portfolios has been an issue. We want them stored locally to force the parents to come to the school and experience the student-led conference. At the end of the year we keep some examples but most get wiped off the server and we start again.

This year I will show the students how to use slideshare. Here are a few examples of the portfolios. I have some issues in posting them to the web. One is that the students have their last names all over the powerpoint. I have edited these 2 examples. The extra links to assignments on the server at school are also unavailable. You will see the hard work put into these portfolios. Please enjoy these efforts.

Here is her wikispace.

Here is her wikispace.

Here is her wikispace.
I want to make the entire process 2.0 next year. The dilema is that when you let them do it from home the experience of getting parents into the school is lost.

If you enjoy the samples of the students work I will post more. They will post to their class blogs 816, 817, 841, 873.

They might post them to their wikispace math section.

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Lynne Crowe said...

Hi Chris
The student e-portfolios are great. I'm going to share them with my students this week. We are at the start of our school year and I intend doing something similiar although I'm going to try and get their work etc on a wikispace. I hadn't thought about including goals and reflections but will now rethink what I really want from them.
Great work.