Monday, March 19, 2007

Help Please

I am doing a project with my students. One of the categories that the students can choose is to create an online interactive game or boardgame. The key being that it has to be online and linked back to the class wiki.

I have some examples of interactive game sites
this site is nice but the powerpoint slides will not embed properly.

I have also looked at Quar and Quizstar. These sites are ok but not interesting to a 13 year old.

I will show them how to use a table in wikispaces and create a Jeopardy type game but this is so unsatisfying. I want them to have more fun than that.

Can anyone help?


Any ideas


Vicki A. Davis said...

Can you make the powerpoint slide a slideshare and embed that?

Chris Fuller said...

Hi there,

wikispaces are something I've just started using a fair bit with my classes, so please let us know how your project goes and what ideas work!!

Good luck,

Chris Fuller