Monday, March 30, 2009

On the Radio With Darren.

It is raining posts. I seem to be very active these days. Smile Smile!!

Tomorrow at 9:00 CST Darren and I will be on the radio.

We will be on the Richard Cloutier Show from 9 to Noon. Darren has been on the radio twice before and Mr. Cloutier has a great grasp of the issues and hopefully the audience will be able to participate this time.

On previous shows twitter and other chat opportunities were not available in the studio. This time twitter is not blocked. Please use the hash tag of #cjob in any twitter response that you will have. Mr. Cloutier did not realize the size of the online audience and its global representation. Tomorrow being active on twitter will show this host how the world has understood online social networks in education.

Darren and I will do our best to keep the chatter going on the radio station but if you can participate in twitter and by listening online that would be great. Darren also will be posting soon.

What are our kids doing on-line?
What tactics do they use to stay under the radar? Do kids hide online behavior from adults?
Strategies to deal with trouble. What are common troublesome behaviors that teens have?
I find that predatory behaviour is well policed by users but bullying is still common.

Do you have examples of how online behavior has been beneficial to you and your students. Are there examples of news items that need to be brought to the public's attention about social networking and teens.

Here is more on this story

Here is a story with a Canadian twist,

Going to be a fun morning on the radio. I will tweet an address for the show when it becomes available.

Thanks in advance for participating.

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