Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Why are all the Good Conferences Somewhere Else?

In recent weeks I have been watching as many conferences are broadcast over the net and people get excited about going to conferences and meeting people face to face. Why is my city, province so.... backwards. It is hard to find anything worthwhile to take as professional development. Now this is probably because of the amazing online events out there.

Here is my issue. I live in a vibrant city with some amazing bloggers.

Why are we not doing more in promoting these tools and teaching techniques to a broader audience. Perhaps it starts at the post secondary level. In Saskatchewan they have courses in online learning its potential in the classroom.

What needs to be done. Well I am thinking that the nucleus of educators that "get it" to infect others that want to "get it". I am thinking that all of us will bring one willing participant to a learning environment that is easy and fun and hook some more people into using techniques and tools that kids want to learn.

I guess this is an all call out to Manitoba Edubloggers to get in touch with me and lets come together and find ways to start people on the journey that kids will thank them for. Let's get new teachers using technology in ways that create inspired students.

Let's just get more people to WAKE UP.


James said...

I'm game. Where do we begin to change the world?

Andy McKiel said...

Count me in :-)

I don't want to wait until November to follow up Awakening Possibilities with MB Edubloggercon 3...

I do feel that there are lots of good things happening around the province (like the recent BYTE Conference in Minnedosa), but I also agree that we have a LOT of room for growth in this area :-)

Let's do it!

Mr. H said...

Hmm first steps. I think we should sit down and have a beer... or other beverage and hash out where to go from here. We need to see how we can do a job for Manitoba Education the way Dean and Alec have done for Saskatchewan Education. Lets find a time and a location to meet up and then...... explore the possibilities.

Tuesdays are bad for me but other days work fine!!

Jan Smith said...

From the left coast: one model that seems to have some traction is North Vancouver's LAN (learning at night) parties. They meet once/mo and view one of three K-12 Online presentations and then Skype in the presenter. Follow up support is ready for those who want to have a go. They share a meal & a yack--and connect to colleagues. Follow up @bookminder and @bryanhughes.

I am here on the Island and it can feel a bit lonely at times. Maybe you need to cast your net beyond blogging & bloggers. Writing a blog is not a prerequisite for passion, though a damn fine indicator :)

Best to you all, keep the faith.

dkuropatwa said...

Did you say b... I mean, discuss important issues in education? OK, I'm up for that.

Mr. H said...

Jan thanks for the comment. I agree that blogging is not necessary for great teaching but the self-reflection it provides is pivotal in getting teachers to improve their pedagogy. We expect students to reflect yet we do not get teachers to reflect on an ongoing basis.

I like the idea of dinner and some tech. I need to find time to do that with my people at school and around the city.

Andy is already starting things in motion and we might get going sooner than later.

I appreciate all your suggestions and thanks for reading.

John Evans said...

I'm all over that idea!! Actually Andy and I have been sort of doing it already with one Getting Connected night in the books already and plans for 2 more in the coming months.

I'm available! Let's talk!


Ryan Maksymchuk said...

I'm in...although to participate physically I'll need a straw about 500 km long.

I'm excited about what I read, and no reason I can see to let Saskatchewan have all the fun....

Stay in touch, all...

Ryan Maksymchuk