Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Youtube Annotations

This is a repost from the Mathzone

I love Youtube. All of you have access to the class youtube account. There is a neat thing that can be done at our account. Since we own the videos that are created we can add an extra layer called annotations. this means that you can leave comments throughout the video.

I left some comments behind at Charissa's Video.

Your annotation can be a shape or a talk bubble. Please go and leave a comment behind on the video. Make sure that you do not make the video look sloppy with your annotation. You should choose a spot in the video where an annotation will not deter the presentation.

Annother cool tool is to leave a link to your other video at the end of the first video. Just cut and paste the link into the link box in the annotation editor.

Have fun. Looks like another cool tool from google and youtube. I see a choose your own math story happening here soon. This will be so cool!!

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