Sunday, January 31, 2010

My first month of 2010/365

I made it a month. I am trying to do a 2010/365 project this year. So far so good. It is really changing the way I see my life and my day. I am always on the lookout for an interesting shot to tell a story about what happened that day or to improve my photography.

Even on runs now I have my DSLR in its backpack ready to be pulled out when the "perfect shot" is possible. Makes running slower but I am having fun. Here is my first month. May the second month be as much fun.

I recommend this to anyone with a camera. Start now and enjoy the story telling potential that your camera give you.

Created with flickr slideshow.


Graham said...

Excuse my ignorance, Chris, but in the photo of what I assume is your staff car park, what do the blue power cables do? My experience with that white stuff you call snow is non existent so that shot above all has me wondering. There are some nice shots of your sons in there - now referred to as the "Flat Students Boys From Canada" by my youngest. I'm enjoying your series as it gives a great insight into your life.
Cheers from down under where there are no heat waves at present.

Mr. H said...

Graham it is always great to have comments from you. The cords are for "block heaters". The idea is for the fluids in the engine to stay at a minimum temperature they need a small heater. The chords are plugged into an outlet that receives 20 minutes of power an hour. That is enough to allow your car to start and for you to get home. It has been cold here and the cars have needed some help.

Here is a wikipedia article

Mr. Oldcorn said...

Mr. H,

Cool photos.

One of my students thinks he might have seen himself in one of the photos you took.

It involves the picture at the pool. He is a swimmer. Is that the Pan-Am pool? (The picture of the starting blocks...he is in the water.)

He says that he is pretty sure that it is him.

Thought I'd pass it on.

Mr. O

Mr. H said...

That is too cool. I was working the meet and it very well could be him. It was the Marlin invitational. My son swims for Manta.

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