Monday, January 18, 2010

Using Ustream in the Classroom.

I love my Smartboard.  I use it extensively to connect my lessons to the web.  Slides go to slideshare and video is streamed and recorded through I use ustream instead of the smart recorder because the recording is instant and you are able to embed the video into blogs and wikis immediately.  Here is how I do it.

Attached to my smartboard is a Logitech Camera.

I use this as my mic and as my streaming camera.  I could use it to capture student work being done in the class. I have had students make videos using this device.

Now I use Camtwist to capture the desktop.  This allows me to use the camera's audio and to capture all that happens on the smartboard instead of filming the board from afar.
This is what the camtwist setup looks like for me.

Now I am able to select Camtwist from the ustream menu.  This is my video input.  I use the camera as my audio and I have an instant screen recorder.

For those of you on PC's I will have to figure out how you use your screen casting abilities.  Camtwist is only for Macs.

Tomorrow gets kids involved in the recording process.


Ian H. said...

Cool! One alternative for us Windows users is Webcam Max, which allows for desktop streaming. It's watermarked trialware, but it's not bad.

Tim McKean said...

Great Application!
I use a similar setup for teaching my online classes. With Camtwist you can also add some graphics, clock,etc.

Mr. H said...

Thanks for the comment I have done more synthesizing of this topic at the following wiki site