Sunday, January 10, 2010

Starting eportfoios

I feel very guilty that I have not written in a while.  Here is a cross post on the instructions I give my students about getting their eportfolio ready at wikispaces.  More content to follow. Sorry for my low output of posts lately.

We are getting ready to do some work on our e-portfolios this year. You need to have certain things done by the end of the week (January 15th).

  • You need a wikispaces account. Please use a name, email and password that you will remember.  

  • You need to ask to join your class eportfolio wiki.  Here are the links to the rooms.
  • 816 eportfolios
  • 817 eportfolios
  • 841 eportfolios
  • 873 eportfolios
  • At the class site click edit. 

  • The wiki is now a word processor. 

  • You need to find your name, highlight it and then create a link. 

  • Now press save. 

    Your name should be a red link.  Click the red link and you should see this.

  • Now you will hit the edit button and your eportfolio page is ready to be created.
Now you have your own eportfolio page.  You have some small instructions left.  Please follow them carefully.
  1. Type [[toc]] and enter twice.
  2. Type your four main subjects in this order each on a separate line Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies.  Please add a fifth topic of Other.
  3. After you have typed each of these topics highlight them and choose Heading 1 from the editor bar.

  4. Click save and you should have a framework for what your eportfolio page.

Please do your best to follow these instructions.

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