Thursday, October 28, 2010

At Home Sick

Drat one of those 1000 kids I am in contact with everyday has infected me with a virus... I am not really super sick but I have lost my voice.  A teacher without a voice is not effective so I stayed home today.

One of the luxuries of having a blog is being connected to your students all the time.  If I need to say something to them outside of school hours there is always a way to do it.

Today I left the sub plans on the class blog.  Here the students could see what was expected of them.  I also was in the Math Help Chat box.  Kids would see in real time me typing away answering questions if they needed help.

I was at home with no voice but in the room as loud as ever using a keyboard.  Cool.  Connectiveness.  I like it:)

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Allanah King said...

Hope you are feeling better soon. Reminds me of a podcast I made when I was sick one day.