Thursday, October 28, 2010

Life Long Learner

I have some people who have influenced my teaching as mentors.  The first is Darren Kuropatwa who introduced me to this wonderful world of online learning and PLN's.  The other is Brian Metcalfe.  Brian was a tech mentor in our division.  From my first days teaching elementary classes to my current job of teaching Grade 8 Brian was always learning.

He would be the mentor that would find out new things and SHARE them with the masses.  He created an online and paper newsletter showcasing all that he was learning.  Brian retired a few years ago but....

Brian continues to learn.  He attends every meeting of significance in the province.  He attends conferences routinely and was the reason why I met Dr. Tim Tyson and started the 2 Minutes to Make a Difference Project with the Grade 8's at school.

Brian in retirement learns more everyday then most of the teachers I work with in my division.  Why is that.  Why does a guy who is away from the school setting still want to learn and be part of the mix? Why is he watching K12 Online when the rest of the tech mentors who are still working are not, or are not telling people about it!! You might have to ask Brian Metcalfe over at his blog.  Brian was so kind after my recent presentation.

2minutes spreading our roots
View more presentations from charbeck1. Here is the ustream.

Brian emailed my admin and told them about the presentation and how it was an enjoyable experience.  It is nice to have a fan like Brian.  
 I want to be a life long learner.   Thanks for pushing me to do more and be a better teacher.  We all can learn from Brian


Brian said...

Chris … Thank you for your very kind words and I apologize for not acknowledging your comments sooner. I believe that dedicated educators like you and Darren Kuropatwa share several important attributes. You both engage your students through unique and creative ways. As a former Mathematics teacher, I am continually amazed at how you integrate important and meaningful lifetime lessons (such as “Pay It Forward”) which will continue to have a positive influence and affect others long after memorized mathematical definitions and the quadratic formula are long forgotten.

Undoubtedly, we have both learned a great deal from Darren who has demonstrated and shared how pedagogy can be enhanced through the use of web 2.0 tools and the on-line community. However, while I “learned the theory”, you “implemented the practice” and refined the process working with students to make it your own. However, pedagogy is not enough. In my opinion, great teachers continue to refine and enhance their teaching style. Teachers, like you, incorporate passion with pedagogy to help engage their students in today’s learning adventure. More importantly, you continue to learn and model this process with your students. You are indeed the type of teacher that Will Richardson wants for his children when he states:

“I care less and less about a particular teacher’s content expertise and more about whether that person is a master learner ... What I want are master learners, not master teachers, learners who see my kids as their apprentices for learning."

I trust that you will continue to learn new, innovative ways to engage your students and that you will continue to share your passion for learning and teaching with others so that we all might improve.

Take care & keep smiling:) Brian

Ann Oro said...

Chris, you always leave me thinking. Thank you for attaching the Ustream. I watched it and I'm thinking about what I can do with my eighth grade students this year.

Markysha Cannon said...

Very interesting article. It's great to see that dedicated educators still exist and they are greatly appreciated.