Thursday, October 07, 2010

Taking the next step... Sesame Street

I have been lacking innovating ideas as of late.  I am going to start pushing the envelope.  Yesterday on twitter someone sent me a video.

That was not the video I saw but it is what captured my attention.  Kids love Sesame Street.  They all remembered different videos from this show that captured their imagination.

Just like their love of tech students love children's television programming.  So I am going to harness both of these loves.  Their first assignment for me in wrapping up their first unit on Ratio, Rate and Proportional Reasoning is to make a video parody of a Sesame Street Video.  They will choose the video, then redo the lesson substituting their topic for the one that Sesame street chose.

Ernie could buy a ratio or a rate, the Martians could find a proportion or a ratio.  The Genre is set, it must be a Sesame Street video, topic is set it has to be Ratio Rate or Proportions not it is up to the students to create their videos.

I am thinking we will spend one class taking apart the videos and showing the story arc.  We then will substitute our topic into the story line (take out 8 and put in rate).

I will send the students home to choose a video over night. This perhaps will be the hardest thing.  Then they will have a week to create the new storyline, and film the video.  We will post them to the new math youtube channel we are creating.

There now I am doing something different this year.... it is a start.

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Melanie Holtsman said...

Neat idea! Can't wait to see the results :)