Saturday, December 16, 2006


When I woke up this morning and check my bloglines account and my stat counter to see if anyone reads my blog I saw that someone had visited coming from Darren's Numeracy post from the other day. In the comments under Darren's post there were two links to You Tube videos. They are fantastic. These videos show how we all are connected now using the internet.

Here is the first Video

Here is the second video

I will be attempting a project with some teachers in Alabama in January. This is a great introduction to why you use the web and 2.0 in your classrooms. Look at the possibilities.

Thanks JD for talking about these videos.

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Anonymous said...

I just noticed this today. I guess I'm a little bit behind ;).

No problem on sharing those videos. I was planning a lesson that would use them, but then my district blocked YouTube.

Using a FireFox extension I was able to download them and show them to my classes. They were able to write about the videos, but just on (ugh) paper. It really didn't help the Web 2.0 and sharing part of the lesson to just write it down, but at least my students were able to see the commercials. Some of them had seen them before, but when we discussed them they really got into the technology parts of it. Now they all want cell phones that can show TV shows. Maybe not the best use of technology, but it's a start.