Saturday, December 23, 2006

Hemishpheric Challange.... Opportunity

Ok I will be the first one to sometimes need a hit on the head with a hammer to have something sink in. But correct me if I am wrong. In the Northern Hemisphere we have school that starts in September and ends in May or June. In the Southern Hemisphere they start School in March and go until December.

How can we use this to our advantage?

One Idea I had today as I was emailing Graham was to use seasoned bloggers and wikiers as mentors to help newbies. In September kids in the Southern Hemisphere are in full swing and starting to see the year come to an end. They are ready to be the mentors or leaders in projects with Northerners. Likewise in April and May we in the Northern Hemisphere are ready to be leaders and mentors to newbies from the Southern Hemisphere.

I love the ideas of students realizing that the world isn't that big anymore. Lets try to show them all the possibilities. Create these great collaborative groups. The further the distance the keener the students will be.

Thanks for reading.

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