Sunday, December 17, 2006

Wow what great comments

I am astonished at the quality of work being created by my students. They are incredible. Not only is their work excellent they are helping each other out,

This is from Beau

Hey Alyssa I think you did an awesome job, but I think you could still do better! Question five could use a little work. It doesn't say how large the classes are. Miss Stanzi's class may be larger than Miss Lowery's. That could change the answer. Also, question six is asking what the total is. All you have to do is find one square's value then multiply by 100. If you need help with Gliffy or Bubbleshare doesn't hesitate to ask!
This is From Tony on the same post

good job april but, on question 2 you didn't show how 3:2 is an equivalent to 3/5, 60% and 0.6 one more thing is that you shaded in 40 instead of 16 on question 6 a) and you should use gliffy or bubbleshare because you get more marks for doing it on that question.
There are countless more. I knew I had an excellent classes of students. But I now know that these students have class.

I love going to work.

I love looking in at my bloglines and seeing all the new work they are creating for themselves and their class blogs.

WOW They are awesome.


Drussell said...

How exciting to hear a teacher say they love their job and actually mean it! This type of excitement is why we all went into teaching.

Keep us posted with the excellent comments. I plan on showing your blog to my middle school teachers to squelched their disillusionment with students leaving meaningful comments. You have proved it is possible.


Mr. H said...

Thanks for the comment. I really have a great group of students this year. I have to thank their grade 7 teacher for starting them in the blogosphere and I just get to take them further into this realm. They like blogging and are very appreciative of their classmates work. I hope to send them to even more blogs to leave comments behind. They work better when they know that they have an audience.