Monday, January 01, 2007

The big snow.

OK Sharon I would rather of been snowshoeing in the mountains. It was fun yesterday but I have a snow hangover today. My back really hurts after shoveling two full houses, 6 driveways and who knows what I'll be up to today. Anyways here is what it looks like around my house. I will add some actions shots of the kids later today. I do really love snow.

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Click the link to see the annotated version. I don't know why it does not come through on the original slideshow?



Graham Wegner said...

Would you believe that I have never seen snow in my life? To top that off, we are heading into a heatwave here with 40 deg C days on Thursday and Friday! So while you're shovelling snow, we took the boys to the beach for a swim today. Loved the photos - but they still seem surreal to me.

Mr. H said...

Ah bless the southern hemishpere. I have more photos on the way. Just have to put them i the proper order. El Nino is causing havok here. The winter has been mild and until Jan 1st we hardly had any snow. It makes playing outside fun. I also makes you appreciate summer when you can have 2 very different seasons. Thanks for the comment.