Monday, January 01, 2007

Tagged again

I thought for a moment when I got tagged again that I would just repost what I had already said about myself ... that would be the easy way out. Here are 5 more things you might not know about me from my posts.
1. I love my wife with every pore in my body. We met at a restaurant we were working at when i was 20. We have been together ever since. I like to think that my life started at 20. Thanks Jackie.

2. I love to garden. My mother gardened and I got the bug from her. I have many large garden beds around my house and enjoy making them full and colourful. I love my herb garden the best. I am friends with the local expert in herbs and grow a multitude of yummy edible plants that compliment my enjoyment of playing in the kitchen.
3. I am so proud of my kids. They are able to play with Lego for hours and never get tired of it. I am showing my eldest how to animate the sets he is creating and this lends a new level of play and fun to the best toy in the world. The best part is when the sets get taken apart and the 3 boys create new things from this great toy.
4. My wife's father built a cottage at Victoria Beach. Her aunt now owns this cottage and lets us use it for 3 weeks every summer. It is the perfect summer retreat. There are no cars allowed and you have to ride bikes everywhere. You have long white beaches that rival ones on the any coast in the world. One of our favorite past times is to search for beach glass. We have quite the collection now. As a kid there is not a better place to spend the summer. I look forward to the first 3 weeks in July every year. My kids start a countdown the minute we return from the cottage.
5. I love to cut the grass and shovel snow. I know it is crazy but I just love those chores. I feel that shoveling snow is the great neighborhood socializer. Everyone has to do it and normally at the same time. I love it so much I feel sorry for my kids. They will never get to enjoy this past time ..... at least not yet :-D

Ok now on to the continuing game of tag. I will retag Jeanne and Danita. I will tag for the first time ... Mr. Jones, Lynne Crowe, and Anne Davis.

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