Monday, January 15, 2007

I have made a Glass Bead Gameboard

I have made a Glass Bead Gameboard. Please use it and improve it. I will try this with my student within a few days. I am curious about what they are going to do with it. I think that it can be used as a review or warm up for my math classes. I am curious to see what relationships they will create and how creative they will be.

I love this stuff!!!

Thanks again Wes.


Graham Wegner said...

Chris, I've tried really hard but there is something here that I'm not getting about the glass bead game. I've listened to the podcast which was OK but covered a fair bit of familiar territory I heard when I went to see Marc Prensky early last year. I'm glad that it's really hit a nerve for you so would it be possible if you could explain how you will use the glass bead game, for example, in one of your Maths classes? I read the links which didn't really clarify anything for me and I'm still not sure how it can be used in the classroom. Help!

Mr. H said...

There should be a post up by the end of the week. Thanks for the comment. I'll clarify my thoughts more once the students have worked on it more.

Wesley Fryer said...

Glad to see you using Gliffy! :-)