Sunday, January 07, 2007

January Blog Club

Well the January blog club is over and it was a great success. I have to admit it also was a bit of a trial to get it up and going.

Jeanne couldn't get back into her skypecast so I quickly created my own but on my mac which led me to use different tools that I hadn't seen before. Anyone wanting to lead a skypecast I recommend 3.0 for the PC. It has a better user interface and you have better control over the proceedings.

suggested creating a private skypecast. I had never heard of this before but it is interesting. I think that leaving a password behind at tapped in and then seeing hearing friendly voices in the skypecast would be a good thing. I have to admit I did not do anything other than try to get people unmuted in the skypecast. This was difficult enough since there were between 35 and 50 people at a time in it. Only 25 of them were k12online related.

Speaking of Graham he has a summary of his experience at the blog club. He also wrote an excellent post about "online presence."

At this point as I always do I have to tip my hat to Cheryl Oakes who runs the skypecast for WOW2.0 on Tuesdays. After deleting the 40+ chats that were sent to me and dealing with all of the extraneous hangers on I really appreciate all that you do. And you type so much in the World bridges chat room as well. You truly are a master of your craft.
So how did the Blog Club go? Since Jeanne is cleaning up the wiki I guess it went really well. there is a great set of show notes and I even recorded the skypecast and posted it to the wiki. There is a ton of information about podcasting in the classroom and we touched upon the topic of Graham's k12online presentation. All of this is available on the wiki.

This leads me to the next point. Will some one take on the next Blog Club. It should be held on the 3rd or 10th of February. You can choose the topic but Clarence Fischer's Global Literacy Presentation was mentioned as a possible topic.

It has been a great experience to take part in this Blog Club". I think that one step we can take in making this a larger and better community of learners is to tell our colleagues about these opportunities. We never stop learning with k12online. It just keeps going. As we digest it month by month we learn more and more.(It must be morning and I must be hungry!!)

Thanks everyone for making this a success. Let's keep it going in February!.

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Anonymous said...

Chris, many thanks for all of your help with the skypecast, I am sure that Jeanne is very grateful for your quick thinking. I must agree that Skype on a mac is not as easy or user friendly as it is on PC. Following the problems with Skype I have commented on Jeanne's blog also suggestion perhaps a move to something like FlashMeeting which while being more 'exclusive' perhaps a good thing, will allow people in if they have the log in key. Take a look at some of the examples as they show how the system works quite well. I must say that I haven't used it myself but I know that Joe Dale who was in the TappedIn discussion last night has used it for discussion with mfl teachers plus I think that 'The Webheads' have also used it. I am becoming less keen on Skypecasting as the area seems to be becoming a little 'weird to say the least - do let me know your feelings - Joe can be found at take care
Paul H