Monday, August 06, 2007


My father recently retired from the University of Manitoba. There he was an award winning professor of Education. He now has time on his hands. One thing he loves to do is to hang out my sons. With that in mind I got him a Garmin Etrex for his birthday. He now can go Geocaching with my kids.

To prepare my sons for this experience I borrowed the Garmin and took my kids out looking for a cache. As luck may have it there is a cache at the top of my street at Brock Cordova Park. The cache SKAVENSQ is located just a half mile away. While we were searching for a a local reporter was having a picnic with his family and asked what we were doing. I said looking for treasure. He was interested and asked if we would like to be on TV. So....

Today Monday August 6th we were filmed looking for the cache and interviewed on tv. Hmm Pretty cool for the second time out geocaching ever. My kids like it. I like it. There are over 500 caches in the city of Winnipeg. I know what they will be doing in there spare time!!

Now I have to go watch the news.

Update. Here is the spot with me and the kids. I did not mean to sound like a pirate. Global News link.


Darren said...

That's so cool! Second time geocaching and already, the whole family is famous. ;-)

Kate T said...

I really like this geocache-my year 5 students would love it!
We are doing a unit on Ancient Egypt and I can think of key words to find and maybe some hand made treasures to bury or hide.
The technology might be too expensive in Australia at the moment so I may have to make it a manual process at first but using the idea.
I have heard about your Maths teaching from Graham Wegner's blog. This is my first visit to this site-I really enjoyed the news clip.
Kate T:-)

Graham said...

Chris, that was awesome that you guys were featured as a news item - the reporter did a really nice job of putting the article together. As Kate T pointed, geocaching hasn't really taken off in Australia but it won't be far off before GPS is standard in mobile phones and that will be another use that has great learning potential. Personally, I enjoyed the video footage as a great way to put the face and voice together with the online colleague I really respect. Hey, back to work soon for you!

JenWagner said...

That was fun --
thank you for sharing.