Wednesday, August 08, 2007


As I sit in my Google Reader and Bloglines accounts and read all of these 8 things about you memes it makes me think..... is this a good starting blog post for kids. The idea of the meme, liking it to others to keep it going and the creativity of answering some questions could be interesting to students.

Beginning bloggers could learn how to link to other pages, learn what to put into posts and what to leave out (that dreaded personal information stuff..) and you could even use Google Docs to type the questions and import them into your blog.

Of course all of this is percolating in my head because how many of us ask our students to tell us what they did during their summer vacation etc on the first day back. Now here is a way to get the students to write and learn blogging.

I know many adults find the meme tedious and somewhat intrusive. Many call it viral. If my memory is accurate I think many students find these memes novel and interesting. Would this not be a great way to start off an interactive collaborative project. Two groups of kids and multiple memes. If you kept them short you would have some excellent ice breakers introducing the kids to each other. I know that Lynne memed her students with the latest 8 things meme.

We need to create some student friendly memes. Now that many of us are getting back to work and thinking about school is this a way to start off the year?

Think about it.


Kim Pericles said...

I tried an activity at the beginning of the Australian school year (6 months ago!) that was similiar to the meme idea. We called it "5 Fab Facts About Me!" - the fun part was that 4 of the facts were true and 1 was made up.
The kids posted the Facts onto the class blog, and tried to guess which fact was false.
An interesting way to get to know new classmates and to learn a bit about how to blog too :)

Mr. H said...

Thanks for the comment. I want to have 3 to 4 introductory activities for their class blog. This seemed to be a great fit.