Friday, August 24, 2007

video upload

Testing out the video uploader here at blogger.

On a different note. I had the opportunity today to teach 30 teachers about the new math curriculum being implemented in Manitoba. They had a great time and my partner Greg and i put on a great show. Greg told the crowd about my blogging and wikiing with my students and very few OK only one of the participants had even heard of blogging and wikiing. I gave them some URL's to check out and told them about K12online06 and the upcoming K12online07 and maybe some will bite and check it out. I hope they find 2.0 apps and their potential to change their classrooms as interesting as the math material we presented today.

Still waiting for the video to finish processing. If this is a seamless and effortless as I think it will be then my goal of more movie production this year from the sargentparkmathzone team will be easier then ever.

Hey the video uploaded quickly. This can only be a good thing

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